The 2-bl ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency has Consented to Influence changes to The 2-bl header Data, The 2-bl Listing of The 2-bl modifications are based on data obtained from national sources of those states concerned or on data accumulated by The 2-bl Panel of Experts for The 2-bl Care of ISO 3166-2.

ISO 3166-2 Newsletters are issued from The 2-bl secretariat of The 2-bl ISO 3166/MA when modifications from The 2-bl code lists of ISO 3166-2 are determined upon by The 2-bl ISO 3166/MA. ISO 3166-2 Newsletters are characterized with a two-component amount, saying The 2-bl now valid variant of ISO 3166-2 from Roman numerals (e.g.”I”) plus a sequential order amount (in Latin numerals) beginning with”1″ for every new variant of ISO 3166-2.

For many countries affected a new entry is provided in this Newsletter. A brand new entry replaces a The 2-bl changes have effect on The 2-bl date of publication of The 2-bl Newsletter. The 2-bl Modified entries are recorded from page 3 onwards. Marked with reddish color. The 2-bl table below provides a brief summary of The 2-bl modifications made.