And you’re here. There’s a fire in your belly.I love that. I feel it too. I want to help you burn even brighter, beautiful.

But first, let me introduce myself properly. I’m Dyan Heffner.
I’m a writer, coach, speaker, seeker. I guide passion-fuelled women out of fear and uncertainty, and into lives, blogs and businesses they love (and truly desire).

Thanks you!

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Health professionals combat for tobacco takeover of inhaled prescription drugs

January 21, 2022 -- A Tobacco The big has ventured into the wellness treatment company, and respiratory specialists are undertaking their ideal to thwart the go.The Forum of International Respiratory...

Is Havana Syndrome Real? This is what background can notify us

by Paul RogersIn 2016, CIA officers in Havana, Cuba commenced getting unexplained health and fitness troubles. They documented a persistent piercing sound adopted by indications together with headache, nausea,...

‘The other pandemic’: antibiotic resistance on the rise all-around the entire world

January 22, 2022 -- Even ahead of COVID-19 international pandemic, we've all been there. you wake up feeling lousy - headache, sore throat, cough -- and you discover the...
is a leading figure in the medical field, but his expertise goes beyond his academical skills. He pursues a second career as an ebook writer, as well as prolific reviewer of others' work. He was featured in medical journals, blogs and literature publications due to his reviews.