El Pollo Loco is a chain restaurant that is a cross between a casual dining room restaurant and also a location you encounter real fast to receive a carry-out. Some places have a drive-through alternative.

As you can imagine, it is challenging to consume low fat at El Pollo Loco, that explains the reason we advocate eating at home every time you can. But should you discover yourself in a pinch for meals and El Pollo Loco is the sole choice, you will be delighted to know there are methods to make it operate at least for a single meal.

Keep reading to learn how to purchase low fat at El Pollo Loco so that you may adhere to a low-carb.

As we mentioned previously, it is always best to prepare your meals in your home and bring them along with you if you can. This makes sure that you will not be scrambling to locate a meal in the last moment, which raises your probability of eating something that you should not.

Eating at home also means that you are sure to consume keto-friendly meals and not merely low-carb foods. There is a significant difference!

By way of instance, a low-carb dieter’s meal may still have a small segment of fruits and starchy veggies which may be off-limits on the ketogenic diet. Ketogenic dieters will need to be sure that they maintain their carbohydrate intake restricted to five per cent or less of their daily calories.

El Pollo Loco Keto Taco Eating out also suggests the quality of food that you select will not be as excellent as what you can buy yourself in the shop.

Due to these reasons, on the rigorous ketogenic diet, it is ideal to follow your keto strategy and cook your foods in your home so that you can take charge of your macros and the calibre. It is still possible to maintain the carbohydrate intake when exercising, but it does not necessarily indicate that you’re strictly keto.

Just like most restaurants, El Pollo Loco does not mention that they utilise organic meats or merchandise, meaning that you are not receiving the highest quality food when you eat outside.

Many Men and Women consume at El Pollo Loco for its advantage. It is a simple spot to stop in on your lunch break if you don’t have a lot of time to consume or anytime you want a fast snack.

El Pollo Loco Keto Taco Here are a few of the lowest carbohydrate foods in El Pollo Loco Depending on the nutrition advice:

Fire-grilled chicken thigh, wing, breast and breast with skin (0 g carbohydrates per day )
Double chicken avocado salad (8 g net carbohydrates )
Chicken avocado burrito (minus the shell, dressing and pinto beans) (8 g net carbohydrates )
Initial polls bowl (minus the rice and legumes ) (1 g net carbs)
Double chicken bowl (minus the rice and legumes ) (4 g net carbohydrates )
Pollo Fit Bowls (Additional Information under )

Additionally, keep this advice in mind once you purchase here to keep it low-carb.

Stick with poultry

Regardless of being a carry-out or little dining area, El Pollo Loco has an outstanding menu. They give meals under 500 snacks, salads, burritos, starters, and also a”fitter for you” section. With all these selections to choose from, it can be tough to know what to purchase.

We suggest sticking with poultry. After all, it is what El Pollo Loco is famous for. They provide fire-grilled chicken thighs, thighs, wings, and breasts, which are great low-carb choices. You may also get a chicken breast or without the skin in case you are trying to maintain your fat intake down.

These dishes are marinated in some citrus dressing-table, which means you will want to make sure to request a dull or dry piece of poultry to maintain the glucose down content.

According to the nutrient information on the Site, one fire-grilled chicken thigh with skin Includes the following:

210 calories (3.1-ounce serving)
15 g of fat
0 g carbs
0 g sugar
0 g fibre
21 g protein

Should you will need a fattier meal, always opt for chicken legs, thighs, or thighs since they have more fat than chicken breasts.

We noticed that not one of the different side dishes in El Pollo Loco are low carb. Therefore broccoli and perhaps a side salad would be the only options.

Order a taco with no shell

It seems funny, but purchasing a taco minus the tank or ingesting the insides just of a taco is a fantastic method to keep it low-carb while still appreciating the taste of a taco. El Pollo Loco has a traditional crispy taco which accompanies shredded chicken, cheese, and lettuce. Just take care not to eat the taco shell, and you will have the ability to follow your low-carb diet plan.

One thing you will want to remember is that the majority of the meat in El Pollo Loco is going to be flavoured with a few non-keto ingredients that are friendly. It is a fantastic idea to request your flesh to be sterile or to maintain the sauce and sauce. The meat could also be premade, meaning that you can not purchase it with no flavouring as it is already created this way.

Furthermore, make certain your taco includes no sauce. Even in the event that you purchase it with no shell, some areas prefer to liquefy their beef with gravy. Request additional cheese, sour cream and guacamole if your meat requires some organisation and maintain the sugar-laden sauces.

Avoid burritos and quesadillas since these meals are too tough to dictate with no shell. Additionally, it is difficult to just eat the insides of these since they’re generally warm and the components have a tendency to adhere to bread.

To bring a little bit of jazz for your meal, consider piling safe low-carb extras to boost the fat content of the meals whilst maintaining down the carbs.

El Pollo Loco creates their particular guacamole each and every single day, based on their site. Make the most of this by stacking your chicken with a few fresh guacamoles. They also supply bacon, which is an excellent way to get more fat and protein in your diet plan. Additionally, you can not beat the taste blend of poultry, bacon, and guacamole.

If this mix sounds great to you, then attempt the dual chicken avocado salad in El Pollo Loco for a limited time. It sports a double part of sliced chicken breast, breast, cotija cheese, sour cream, and also house-made pico de gallo. You will want to maintain the candy corn and creamy cilantro dressing up and request additional sour cream or avocado rather.

According to the nutritional information on the Site, ordering your salad using these customisations Leads to the next macronutrient breakdown:

350 carbs for the whole salad
14 g of fat
11 g of carbohydrates (6 net carbs)
5 g of fibre
5 g of sugar
47 g of protein

If you maintain the pico de gallo, then you save 1 g of carb and a single gram of sugars to deliver your internet carbs down to 5 each salad. If you are concerned that 350 calories will not fill you up, keep in mind that adding additional bacon, avocado, and sour cream can help boost the calories while still maintaining down the carbs to keep you full until your next meal.

What To Order in El Pollo Loco?

Even though the menu choices may vary based on location, we have scoured the menu in El Pollo Loco and think of a record of low-carb foods you can consume. You’re going to be custom ordering lots of these dishes to steer clear of the beans, rice, corn, and other starchy components that generally accompany Mexican foods, so make sure you follow these instructions carefully.

Always ensure that any item you purchase does NOT include sauce, which is frequently added to tacos to help improve the taste. You will also need to be on the lookout for tasting meat was marinated or coated in a sugary dry-rub since these are great methods to inadvertently tack on the carbohydrates.

Listed below is a listing of foods which are safe to consume on a low-carb diet plan.
Restricted time menu

Chilli carrot chicken tostada (order this with no pinto beans, rice, and chili lime sauce; don’t consume the outer shell)
BBQ bacon avocado chicken tostada (order this with no chipotle BBQ sauce, rice, and legumes; don’t eat the crust)
Mango habanero chicken tostada (maintain the tropical habanero sauce, rice, and beans; don’t eat the round; additionally hold the cherry salsa if You’re keto)
Chunky guacamole and chips (throw the chips off and include the guacamole for your poultry )

Family poultry dishes

For many household foods, maintain the hot tortillas and get a side of steamed broccoli or guacamole rather; additionally, be sure the chicken Doesn’t Have a marinade onto it:

Eight-Part meal
Ten Part meal
12 Part meal
16 Part meal
Eight-Part meal of poultry only (we recommend getting this with a side of guacamole)

Individual poultry foods

For many combos, purchase steamed broccoli as your side along with an unsweetened iced tea since your beverage; maintain on the tortillas, beans, rice

For many tostada salads, don’t consume the outer shell:

Eat the insides of this tacos just and toss the grenade out:

Much like when ordering low-fat quick food, though some foods are simple to custom order and become low-carb meals, others simply are not worth the attempt. We recommend avoiding these foods and sticking with something a lot easier to purchase.

Chicken tamale, taco al carbon, and also side (you can purchase that with steamed broccoli because your side and consume just the inside of the taco al carbon, however, we believe you’ll have Difficulty using the tamale; it would be easier to purchase a chicken taco instead)

Chicken tamales using aside

Chicken tamale and tortilla soup
Chicken taquitos combo (since taquitos are little, we do not believe you will get much Once You eat the interiors of these; adhere with another dish)
Dual queso overstuffed quesadilla (unless you can manage to eat the interiors only of a quesadilla, we recommend picking something different; you Would Have to purchase this without the tortilla strips to keep it low-carb)
BBQ bacon avocado overstuffed quesadilla (If You Would like to eat the interiors directly from the, then Make Sure You get it with no BBQ sauce)
Chicken avocado quesadilla (If You’re Able to manage to eat the interiors just, then do this with no creamy skillet )

Beneath 500 calories:

El Pollo Loco has only launched new products known as Pollo Fit Bowls for men and women who follow Paleo and Keto, or just for anyone who’s merely looking to eat healthily.

According to their website, the brand new product lineup comprises three bowls as below:
Dual Chicken & Avocado [Keto Accredited ]

Dual Chicken & Queso Fresco [Keto Accredited ]

Our Hint: Should you personalize this merchandise and use up black beans, you are likely to wind up getting 430 calories, 27g fat, 40g protein, 9g total carbohydrates, 2g fibre, or just 7g net carbs, which will be more keto-friendly!

Ingredients include fire-grilled chicken breast, chopped avocado, organic lettuce, fresh mango salsa, and lettuce and red cabbage mix. This is for those that follow a Paleo diet plan.

Our idea about those new goods:

We believe that it is fantastic to see restaurant chains begin to provide keto-friendly dishes on their menus. The two keto-certified recipes, Dual Chicken & Avocado and Dual Chicken & Queso Fresco seem high. But, depending on the components, individuals who follow a rigorous keto program may want to personalize their purchase and eliminate black beans from their own dish.


We always advise eating in the home or preparing your foods utilizing store-bought ingredients just whenever it’s possible. This permits you to control exactly what and how much you are eating, which can be important when you are attempting to satisfy the stringent demands of the ketogenic diet.

Low-carb eaters may be a bit less fussy in their macronutrient ingestion, but you will still need to eat organic meats and low-carb veggies as far as you can. If you end up in need of a fast snack or lunch, then you can get some good choices at El Pollo Loco.

Look out for chicken that’s been marinated in a skillet or topped with creamy cilantro dressing. If you go for a salad, hold the dressing table and request extra guacamole, sour cream, or bacon to give your meal a rise.

El Pollo Loco enjoys to bring a good deal of beans, corn, rice, and tortilla strips for their dishes, so be watching out for those. If you choose a combo, then make sure you purchase an unsweetened iced tea since your beverage and maintain any tortillas or chips which accompany your meal.