July 19, 2021 — A course-action lawsuit is filed in opposition to Johnson & Johnson over the assert that the firm’s OGX hair treatment products and solutions induce hair decline.

The solutions are offered at significant nationwide suppliers including Focus on, Ulta, CVS, Walmart and Walgreens. Johnson & Johnson shampoos, conditioners and some hair oils are amongst the solutions named in the lawsuit.

The plaintiff, Larissa Whipple, an Illinois woman, cites the component DMDM ​​hydantoin as the principal problem. DMDM Hydantoin Is a preservative and antimicrobial agent occasionally discovered in hair treatment products and solutions. It is considered a “formaldehyde donor,” meaning it releases tiny quantities of formaldehyde over time to hold the item new.

But this kind of formaldehyde donors have been joined to allergies, rashes, hair loss and most cancers. The Countrywide Toxicology Program of the Department of Health and Human Expert services states Formaldehyde is regarded to trigger cancer.

The lawsuit suggests the enterprise may possibly have violated shopper safety legislation by advertising merchandise that contains this component to persons who want healthier hair.

“Johnson & Johnson created a amount of beneficial misrepresentations … that products and solutions ‘deeply nourish’, ‘gently cleanse’ and ‘repair hair.’ resulting in the plaintiffs and hundreds of customers to practical experience hair decline and/or scalp discomfort,” courtroom scenario it is explained.

Johnson & Johnson claims that all of their substances have been very carefully selected and mentioned on the labels of the solutions. The business mentioned that none of their new items comprise DMDM ​​hydantoin and they have not launched any new hair goods with this component in quite a few several years.

“We decide on elements thoroughly to make sure the safety and performance of our goods,” Johnson & Johnson reported in a statement to MedicalHealthDoctor.com. “Some of our present items include modest quantities of DMDM ​​hydantoin, which is used to avert mold from developing when the item is in the shower. Each and every preservative employed in our items is topic to our demanding security assessment process. Must be cleaned.”

In August 2012, Johnson & Johnson declared that it would eliminate DMDM ​​hydantoin and other comparable elements from its products and solutions by 2015. Having said that, the lawsuit suggests it is a “broken promise”.