April 13, 2021 – Two bags of 30 pounds of Meow Blend Unique Option dry cat meals are likely recalled by the JM Smoker Business. Salmonella Contamination.

Products are marketed in IL, MO, NE, NM, Alright, UT, WI and WY at some Walmart outlets. A person great deal has UPC code 2927452099, large amount code 1081804 and ‘Best’ of 9/14/2022. Other lots have UPC code 2927452099, lot code 1082804 and ‘Best’ of 9/15/2022.

Customers with recalled products must prevent feeding their cats and throw it out, the enterprise said.

According to the US Foodstuff and Drug Administration, salmonella-contaminated cat meals can cause illness in folks who handle the merchandise, or contact surfaces, or cats, with cats affecting the food stuff they try to eat.