April 23, 2021 – Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine use need to resume for all older people in the United States, an advisory panel for the CDC voted Friday afternoon.

The vote was 10–4 with 1 vote. The verdict also incorporates guidelines to incorporate a warning along with the vials of the vaccine. It is directed to gals youthful than 50, with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), which boosts the hazard of a exceptional but intense blood clotting dysfunction referred to as thrombosis.

As of 21 April, 15 cases of TTS, all in women and 13 in women under 50 have been confirmed, with three women killed among the 7.98 million doses of J&K vaccine in the US.

The FDA and CDC recommended a cease-fire on April 13 following reports that 6 women had developed a rare blood clotting disorder 6 to 13 days after receiving the Jammu and Kashmir vaccine.

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