Carly Ornstein, Countrywide Director, Lung Cancer Education and learning, American Lung Association.

Katie Brown, Vice President, Help and Survival Software, Lungwetty Basis.

Invoice McDermott, certified medical social worker President, Affiliation of Oncology Social Operate.

Paula Adamson, Greensboro, NC.

Morfa Al Achkar, MD, PhD, Affiliate Professor, Loved ones Medication, University of Washington, Seattle.

Nickel Stieger, Member, Lungity of Administrators, Oak Park, IL.

Ashley Stringer, Edmund, Alright.

American Cancer Modern society: “Telling other people about your cancer.”

Affiliation of Group Cancer Facilities: “The Role of the Oncology Social Worker in Affected person-Centered Care.” “The Benefit of Oncology Social Employees.”


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